304 Stainless Should Do.

For designer stainless steel for your designer home, it has to be said that you can find all sorts over at Trendir. There’s still some life in that old stainless steel dog yet.

It’s not that I have a current thing for sinks at the moment, but here’s another that’s made from 16swg 304 stainless.

I do like how they throw the grade of stainless out there like a badge of honour.

They’re doing us a great favour by raising public awareness.

We regard 304 stainless as being a bit of a middle ranking stainless; it’s not as expensive or high a grade as 316, but it’s not nearly as cheap as 420.

We make most of our planters from 304 stainless as it looks the same as 316 and won’t cause you any real problems unless you’re leaving rusty spanners on them and you live on Blackpool front.

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