Stainless Steel Planters as Toasters

I know, you get one little iddy biddy bit of sun and the same old advice is hauled out year after year. Well there’s probably a damned good reason for it, but considering things are sweltering at the moment it might be wise to remind you what to do with your stainless steel planters.

Imagine how toasty these beggars’ll get when the sun comes out!

The problem with stainless steel is that it conducts heat terribly well and can dry out a root system in no time at all. It’s also obviously a bigger problem with smaller than larger planters.

Subsequently, it’s not the daftest of ideas (if you’ve planted your planter) to move them into the shade at the warmest parts of the day. Or, you can just fill them with stones and what not for a while.

There’s only the hexagonal planters that come with a plastic plantpot liner that’s thick enough for you not to really worry about the heat. Other than that just keep your eye on them and everything should be alright.


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