Metal & Finishes

Metal & Finishes

Stainless Steel

We’re happy to use whichever grade, gauge (thickness) or type (polished, brushed, patterned etc.) of stainless steel for your specific project. We’ll also offer you the best advice concerning the type of steel your job requires if you aren’t too sure. The different grades of stainless steel – 304, 316 and 403 to name but three – not only vary in price but also in their corrosive properties. Not all stainless steels were created equal. The two most common stainless steels are 304 and 316 respectively and they tend to be the two we use most often. For example, if you were looking for a stainless steel planter for use around the home or garden we’d normally suggest 304 stainless at whatever gauge your planter’s dimensions dictates. However, if you lived by the seaside we’d maybe suggest 316 due to its increased corrosion resistance. If you’d like to delve a little deeper into their particular properties and differences, you can read about 304 stainless steel here and 316 stainless steel here.

Rusted Mild Steel

Getting things to rust is easy; getting things to rust quickly is a little trickier. Fortunately, with the aid of a few household products and a spot of shotblasting, we’re able to uniformly rust mild steel fabrications in less than 48 hours. This enables us to provide you with a quicker turnaround time if needs be.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a decorative, protective finish that looks like paint but is actually a dry finishing process. An electrostatically charged mixture of finely ground pigment and resin particles are sprayed onto the product to be coated, which stick to its electrically grounded surfaces until heated and fused into a smooth coating in a special oven. You end up with a uniform, high-quality finish that looks just like paint, but is much tougher, durable, longer lasting and resistant to surface scratches than paint.

To see what colours are available, you can look at our RAL Colour Chart here.


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