Clicking on any of the images below will take you to its respective album page in our portfolio where you can compare and contrast various planters by dragging them around in your browser. You’ll find a variety of different planters and types of metalwork in various stages of manufacture. You can also flick quickly through the gallery that we have at the bottom of each page.

  Stainless Steel Planters

  Rusty Planters

  Powder Coated Zintec Planters

  Bespoke Decorative Fabrication


You can quickly scroll through a selection of planters below or take a look at our portfolio which has some larger pictures that you can drag around in your browser. (Hit ctrl-f5 to reload.)

About Tinpot Alley

Tinpot Alley provides bespoke home decorative and architectural sheet metal fabrication services for designers and individuals alike. By all means, take a wander around to see what kind of work we can do. Even if you don’t see something along the lines of what you’re after, it’s well worth getting in touch, as we’re generally able to sort something out.