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When is a metal planter not right?
When it comes to choosing a container for your garden there are a myriad to choose from. They come in[...]
Beware The Tupperware Wicker Man
You might be wondering why there’s been very little mention of what’s been happening at Butler Sheetmetal and Tinpot Alley as of late. Whilst[...]
Plantpots and Bomb Plots
Stainless steel planter ribbed Here’s something I’ve managed to resurrect from the Tinpot Alley stainless steel planters archive. (By that I mean[...]
Some Rusty Planter Pics
Do you recall how John trounced the competition alive in the Trawden Container Competition but I was unable to show you with[...]
304 Stainless Should Do.
For designer stainless steel for your designer home, it has to be said that you can find all sorts over[...]
NeedIT – You Got IT!
I’ve well and truly learnt my lesson about spouting my mouth off, counting chickens and all that palava after the[...]


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Tinpot Alley provides bespoke home decorative and architectural sheet metal fabrication services for designers and individuals alike. By all means, take a wander around to see what kind of work we can do. Even if you don’t see something along the lines of what you’re after, it’s well worth getting in touch, as we’re generally able to sort something out.